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[2022-06-18 09:35:01]  #Newsid: 17783 | View: 6131

DEMO OUT for radical voice-controlled thriller Unknown Number

Can you save the world using nothing but your voice? Your chance to try out the world’s first “First Person Talker”, as Steam Demo released alongside brand new Gameplay Trailer. Indie studio godolphin games have released a playable demo of their voice-controlled story-rich puzzle adventure, Unknown Number. The demo is accompanied by a brand new “Let’s Play”-style Gameplay trailer, starring Twitter comedian Flora Anderson. 

Set to launch in Q3 2022 on Steam, Unknown Number tells the story of a daring heist taking place on an abandoned oil rig. Using a combo of cutting-edge voice-control technology, fictional telephone calls, and in-game web browsers, it drops the player in some serious hot water.

Also unveiled today is the real-world website for the evil in-game oil company SLIGOIL ( The website holds a whole host of secrets, and will also be accessible via the in-game web browser. It features portraits by influential fashion photographer Raphael Bliss.

Unknown Number is the first game in an all new genre - the “First Person Talker”. It explores the full diversity of voice as a core gameplay mechanic - from talking to whispering, shouting to singing. It seeks to end the notable absence of voice-control in games - and inspire other developers to create “First Person Talkers” of their own.

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